Sunday, September 25, 2011

Puppy flashback III : Sleeping places

I iz tired so I sleep anywhere I wantz, got a problem with that? this iz my place after all.

Chloe sleeps anywhere she likes, be it the cold floor, the carpet, on the sofa, on my bed, even on top of me! She totally ignores her dog bed, well, as long as she is comfortable, thats's fine with me.  

I find these old pictures of little puppy Chloe really cute looking. To look more fasccinating as it is, I tweaked the photos a little with a polaroid image make Poladroid. The application is free so it's worth a try, the photos came out decent though, what do you think?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crating Chloe

Who sez I can't be crated?

I had a previous post which mentioned that I would be giving up confining Chloe inside her pen and crate. I was afraid that she might hurt herself because she always throws a fit when confined inside her pen or crate trying to go out. 

Now that she's matured a lot since she was a little puppy, I decided retraining her to be on the crate. So here are some methods I utilized:

  • I use the crate for her everyday needs, water bottle is there, that's where the bowl of food is and that is the place where she eats her meals.

  • For my method training, I use treats and clicker training to reinforce positive and desirable behavior.

  • I play crate games with her, first I throw a treat inside the crate, praise her or click when she steps inside the crate, and give more treats as she steps all the way in, I don't close the crate just yet because she will still try to get out, I just kept on repeating this until she realized that the crate is a safe and fun place to be in, and that there is always treats inside.

  • Second step, I stand next to the crate and wait for her to go inside it, when she goes, I praise, click and give her treats. I don't give treats when she's still outside. I kept repeating this and eventually she went inside the crate on her own and waiting for me to give her something.

  • Lastly, when I'm doing something like watching television and sit on the couch, She goes inside the crate on her own. This time, I close and lock it with her inside, and I constantly toss her some treats from time to time while she's inside. We do this at least once a day for her to be used to it.

  • Remember, positive reinforcements is still the best way to train. I think that nothing good will result from negative reinforcement, it still might cause problems for you later on.

And the results for our hard work? decreased fussing and whining on crate time and maybe..............

Sleeping inside the crate!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Puppy Flashback II : First Tricks

Part two of the puppy flashbacks, this was Chloe at 13 weeks (3 months and a week). I managed to teach her three obedience tricks, come, sit and down at this time. I myself find it awesome that she was able to learn these tricks. Shibas are not that difficult to train because of their high intelligence, and to top it off, Chloe is highly motivated by the treats and praise that she receives when she does what I want her to do.

I needed to repeat the commands here before she follows me. I learned later on that you only have to say the command once and let her think what you want her to do, especially when she knows the commands already.  I'm somehow proud of myself because this is the first time I've managed to teach a dog how to do stuff, and it's quite impressive of how intelligent they can be. Remember that teaching dogs or any other creature, even human beings requires a lot of work, patience, practice and motivation to be able to succeed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puppy Flashback I

This was Chloe when she first came to my home. She still looks the same at present but much bigger. It's fascinating that her face didn't really change that much now that she's grown. And I like it how she gives that kind of a look on her face that she's up to no good, again.
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