Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neutered Dog

The cone of shame is no fun at all!

I had little Maru Neutered more than a week ago. I've been thinking it's about time and due to a couple of reasons too. He's already over six months already, he's humping Chloe more than usual, he have been over active, a lot of pent up energy and being overly anxious around other dogs especially female ones. I'm hoping for a behavior improvement after the whole process.

Then again with the drastic question, Why do this to the poor little dog? I have my reasons which I had explained thoroughly already when Chloe was spayed back then, see Spayed Dog. Maru have two incisions, where he got neutered and one in his abdomen. He had an umbilical hernia since back when I got him so we got it fixed too.

Scratch more plz???

Due to the cone of shame, he won't be able to pick on his surgery sites but then he wont be able to scratch his head too, poor little one.

Plzz let us play now??

I also have to separate the two furballs within two weeks until the stiches are removed, because Chloe will definitely pick on the surgical sites instead of Maru if they were to be left alone together. So Maru has to be crated to keep them separated. No play time together for them in the meantime.

As of this time, I haven't seen any improvements yet, he is still the active dog that he is. Compared to Chloe back then when she was spayed who acted sickly, Maru acts like nothing happened. I guess I should be happy for that. Though I haven't taken Maru outside yet to meet other dogs since the neuter, I hope to see some changes in due time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

To all our readers, followers and all our Shiba friends and Shiba lovers out there, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We have lots of things to be thankful about but I'm especially thankful for my two shibas for being with me all this time.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wut'z wid d fish? I thought ther' waz Turkey?? bring it out plz?

Can't wait for 'd turkey, let'z go wild!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pray for Toshi

Toshi is the second dog from the left. By the way, the first dog is my Chloe.

Last Friday, our little Maru got neutered (I'll get to that story soon), and when I was picking up Maru from the vet, I met the couple whom I always see on shiba meetups and picnics. They own those three shibas on the picture above.

This post is for Toshi a twelve year old shiba. It came to my attention that he has a brain tumor and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, Monday. The couple and myself is asking for everybody to pray and wish for Toshi to have a successful surgery.

We surely would want to see that smile again..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poop Strike

We are used to going to walks thirty minutes after their meals and Maru does his potty break outdoors at the same time. I still have a certain section in the apartment where the puppy pads are located in case I'm not home and Chloe still does her job on the puppy pads, she's so used to it that she won't ever potty outside.

These past few days, Maru seems to be on poop strike. He is totally messing up with his potty training. We still go to our routine walks, but all he does is sniff things out. Sometimes we're out for nearly an hour already but still no poop from him. Even at home, he won't poop on the pads and prefer the carpet to be a good place to do his job. Great.

I can't seem to find a reason why he's doing this, we don't have a big change going on (not that i know of) and we are really following our daily schedule. Puzzling, I should think a different approach on this.

Beware, for I will poop on your carpet! -Maru

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog Trainer

We've been out for awhile again due to crazy work schedule, but anyways, There have been questions  through email that I chose to address at this post. Did my dogs get formal dog training?


My dogs did receive training from a professional dog trainer. With some researching via the internet, I found this company that's fairly close to my place. It's quite pricy because I chose to go with the private lessons where the trainer comes to our place and train the dogs. They do some pupy classes too and some activity training for the dogs (agility, flyball, etc). If in some way you're interested, here is a link to their website: Dogpact located in the city of Long beach.

If by some chance you're in another place or location, you can go to The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Use their search system to locate a professional dog trainer near your location (that's how I found mine).

Chloe with Nikki Myers our dog trainer

Nikki in action.

 I'm learning how to Roll!

Can I get a treat now?

Is it my turn yet?? I want a treat now!!
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