Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on Parasites

As reference from the last post, Maru seems to have unwanted parasites residing inside of him. He had some roundworms that presented on his stools after his deworming session from the vet. Quite Nasty if you ask me, so as the vet told me, I brought some stool samples the next day to be examined minus the worms of course. I'm not gonna go putting intestinal worms in a bottle.

Results came back and Maru's stool exam indicated that he have roundworm eggs and Giardia(a protozoan parasite) on his stool. The vet prescribed some antiparasitic drug, Fenbendazole to be given for five days to treat and eliminate the parasites and some follow up stool exams. I don't have much of a say on this, I just want to treat it and get rid of those unwanted boarders as soon as possible. I'm just worried that Chloe might have gotten it too since Giardia is transmitted through the oral - fecal route. They use the same puppy pads as well.  Maybe I'll have Chloe tested out too, but for now, we'll stick to Maru's treatment first.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freaking out on a vet day

Earlier this morning, I brought Maru to his first vet appointment with me, and Chloe tagged along with us as well because she badly needs a nail trim. I enrolled Maru in a puppy plan just like Chloe back then. This plan includes the vaccines, free vet exams, nail trims, boarding, daycare, and a 1 year worth of discounts. Pretty decent service if you'll ask me. 

And I love our vet, Chloe really likes her and warms up to her. It was funny that while we were waiting in the examination room, I just can't figure out why Chloe keeps on whining. I tried to give her some treats, she'll settle for a moment but then she will resume again with the whining. So what's the big ordeal? it seems like she hears the voice of the vet from the other room. When she came in to the exam room to greet us, Chloe greeted her with airplane ears which I don't see quite often, I need to capture a photo of that. Chloe don't greet everybody with that kind of joy, maybe she knows that our vet takes care of her really well and deserves a really warm welcome.

So, why was I freaking out? Maru got two dewormers from the visit earlier, one in liquid form and the other in tablet form.  After I fed the dogs their meal, Maru went to poop and to my surprise, there are a couple of dead worms on his stool including a really long one, maybe 4-6 inches. As nasty as it is, I think those are roundworms, though I'm not quite sure about what it is. I just realized that I can't really stand these things despite being a health professional. I didn't even bother taking a picture of it and cleaned it right away.

Just seconds after seeing those horrible worms, I called our vet and asked about the incident. She told me that it was the dewormer's job to kill the worms that are attached to the intestines and it's normal to pass it on their stools. So she was right earlier about how Maru's abdomen is bloated and the probability of having parasites on him.

I was not totally relieved after the call to our vet. Seriously, who will not get bothered when your dog is passing worms on his stool? But it helps a little knowing that it's a normal process. Maybe I was over reacting because this is the first time this happened and it didn't really happen with Chloe either. Well, I guess new puppy, new experiences.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What happened to the Ball?

Before and After

Hudad waz asking what I did with the ball. I got pretty bored and the thing kept on moving when I try to catch it, so I decided to punish it and do some little shiba artwork and peel the skin out of it. It looks better now, right?

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'll Give you a Tickle

Too bad Maru couldn't join us at the recent Shibapalooza last saturday because he still lacks some vaccinations, and being around a large group of dogs with a vulnerable puppy is never a good idea. I don't want him to catch some Kennel cough like Chloe did when sh was young, see the details here - Sneezing Pup.

Don't worry Maru, in time you'll be able to go to a pawesome shiba event, but for now, we'll just give you lots of love and some tickling.

He seems to be enjoying it, and I love how those legs twitches while I tickle him. And Maru is a real dog! Because they kept on saying he looks like a stuffed animal, I think he is too cute to be true.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shibapalooza!! 6th Annual Summer Shiba Picnic

Last Saturday, July 16, 2011, We went to the 6th Annual Summer Shiba Picnic sponsored and arranged by the Shiba Club of Southern California. We came a bit late because of a bunch of things I have to do before coming to the event and to top it off, I was up working all night. But that didn't stop us from coming to this wonderful event. It's not everyday that you'll see not just a bunch, but tons of shibas!

The event was held at Yorba Regional Park in the city of Anaheim. It was 20 miles away from home, a 30 minute drive. I think it wouldn't be a good idea to rant on how far the place was, a lot of people came from farther places like San Francisco and Arizona just to take part in the event.

And we get to see another three-legged Shiba whose name I didn't catch again. He actually won the three legged Shiba race with the humoms and hudads.

From the left, Chloe, Toshi, Aiko and Kuma. All three of them go to the same vet as we do.

We get to meet most of the Shiba bloggers as well. I've been looking for them since I got to the event. I decided not to post the photos of the humoms and and hudads, just the pups.

Suki from Jonathan Fleming's blog, and we get to see an excellent photographer at work.

Yuki from A Walk in the Park.

Chloe with the little Taro.

Sachi whom I just recently followed.

Tokyo from

I almost forgot to include Prince Zuko from Demon Dog.

With Sinjin on the right and Sienna on the left from Sinjin the Shiba Wanderer. It's funny that I'm conversing with their owner not knowing that She's the voice behind Sinjin and Sienna.

Make sure to check them out they're great bloggers as well. Before finishing this long post, we did'nt come home empty handed. We won a raffle prize and bought some Shiba stuff as well.

The event was surely a blast, myself and Chloe really had fun. I wish Maru could come with us, maybe on the next event he can already tag along. We're looking forward for the next one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Making a Scene

It seems that all eyes are with my little brother right now, So i decided to make a scene for myself. Watch me as I ripped the brains out of this raccoon, the Shiba way.

Am I amazing or what? I am one proud Shiba!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maru's Arrival

The breeder whom I purchased Maru from will be sending me the new puppy by plane. I got all her instructions and went for a 30 minute drive to the airport. I was there exactly on time for the flight's arrival, and I went straight to the airlines office to inquire where to pick up my new dog. It ruined the excitement when I learned that pets is not to be picked up in the airport and  in some place else which is a few miles away.

Prolonging the wait for another fifteen minutes, I drove to the place where Maru is supposed to be waiting. There were a few people already there picking up their pets when I heard a lady said "Look, it's a Shiba Inu, How cute." Instead of going straight to the office to patch up the paperwork, I went to see my puppy first and proudly told the lady he was mine.

Before going to the car, I decided to play and spend time with the puppy for a bit. I was having a hard time removing the seal from his crate so the lady from earlier kindly lent me some scissors which she used to free her puppy too. Maru stayed on his crate on our way home and remained quiet the whole time, I guess he has no problem with me driving.

Hey dad,  stop taking pictures and let him out now so we could play!

I didn't open the crate for a while when we arrived home because I want to see Chloe's reaction to her new brother. Gladly, she doesn't have any negative reactions and seems excited about it.

I'm sleepy from the trip.

More of Maru's pictures

Let him down! I want to play play play~

I can tell that Chloe can't contain her excitement, I bet she's really happy with the new addition to our family. And here's a video of them to finish the post:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Look

I recently changed the look of the blog with a new banner which I worked so hard to make.  I changed the blog title as well to "A Tale of Two Tails" due to the fact that I have two furkids now.

The name of the website stays the same at

Thanks for everyone who follows the blog. Expect more from us.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh brother

These past few weeks, my hudad is telling me that I won't be alone anymore. Apparently, we'll have some company coming tonight, and he'll be staying for good. He said it's gonna be my new brother. Hmm, so what is this all about? Does that mean that I'm not gonna be the only Shiba anymore? Oh my, this could be the last day that I'm gonna be the only one! 

I just hope, we get along well, maybe he could be my teammate or maybe my sidekick in wreaking havoc to our place. I wonder if I could use my Shiba mind control over him? Guess we'll have to find out for later.


I have to save energy before the little runt comes, we're  gonna have some serious play time later!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swapping for Gadgets

It's sad to relay in here that these kind of deals are very rampant back in my home country. Swapping your dog for an Ipad, camera, playstation, xbox, bike, karaoke, television, cellular phones, and any other electronic gadgets and stuff you could think of in exchange for your dog. When you open any newspaper and turn to the classified ads section, you'll be seeing tons of these deals. Really now? Are they that desperate to get rid and dispatch their dogs?

I don't want to be judgmental but in my opinion, it's what I call irresponsible ownership and irresponsible breeding.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shiba Inu Meetup Stories

This is the first time that we went to a Shiba Inu meetup. I have been a member of the group for a while now, but we haven't gone into any yet because it doesn't always fit my schedule. We went to one last June 11, 2011 in a dog park in the city of Irvine. I'm quite excited the day of the meetup because it will be the first time for me and Chloe to meet and play with other shibas and their owners!


Shibas playing around

I was quite astonished with this male cream shiba who has a handicap. What I mean by a handicap was that he was a three legged dog, he misses one leg. This is the first time I've ever seen one so I don't know what to feel. It must have been hard for the owner and the dog as well, but from what I have observed while watching them, They really have a great relationship, the dog is very well mannered and is a sweet little boy. His handicap didn't hinder him from being a shiba and play around with all the other dogs. Sadly I can't remember the name of the dog, and even some of the dogs and owners I met, I'm really bad on recalling names.

Chloe behaved really well during the meetup. As usual, she enjoyed human attention very much. She played and ran a lot compared to the other Shiba attendees maybe because she was the only puppy and the youngest one in the group.

I have a Shiba smiling on me! (Chloe being curious as usual)

And this post won't finish without a video of our fun experience:

Chloe being aloof with her kind and playing with other dogs.

If you want to find a shiba inu meetup near you just go to

If you want to join the Los Angeles/Orange County Shiba Inu Meetup group just go to

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