Monday, May 14, 2012

Maru Turns One

Today May 14, 2012, our baby boy Maru turns a year old. We decided to throw a little party for him.

What's the meaning of thiz? there'z a thing on my head!

Amazing! I can hav ol' theze?

Can't wait! lemme hav some!!

Thiz iz yummy!

I iz sharing the goodies I got with my sisfur, Chloe.

An Edible Birthday Card from Hudad and Humom, Don't know what that means but they said we can eat it.

My mouth lookz a little funny? iz something wrong?

Happy first birthday again to our very own Maru, may you have more birthdays to come!

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  1. Ha... I've never seen an edible birthday card before -- for humans, let alone dogs!

    Happy birthday Maru!

  2. Happy birthday! I remember when Maru was a little puppy! Looks like a fun party for both dogs. I love those dog treats and edible card? Cute!


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